Discover the Power of TezBrio

What is TezBrio?

TezBrio is a formulation with high concentration of anti-inflammatory plant based chemicals which support your body's cellular health and reduce pain within days.
It works alongside existing traditional cancer treatments.


Know Lynn's Story

The day my doctor told me I had bladder cancer was like being hit by a train.

I know how it feels to be scared at every turn.

Since the day I started with TezBrio I have had more energy, I'm alive to tell my story and live with more peace of mind.

My hope is that it does the same for you.



How Does TezBrio Work?

TezBrio is a phytochemical formulation administered sublingually or topically.


The Science of TezBrio

Tezbrio is a formulation designed to selectively target the mitochondria of tumor cells while leaving good cells unharmed.

The active ingredient in the Tezbrio formulation from Jasmine flower is Methyl Jasmonate which goes directly to the mitochondria of cancer cells, preventing rapid tumor growth

The active ingredient in the TezBrio formulation from citrus fruit is D-Limonene which serves to expose the tumor cells to the body's immune system. 

Together, they represent a natural, non-toxic anticancer multi-pronged approach to target cancer cells.

The treatment works alone or alongside existing traditional cancer treatments.


Kimberly Slayton

“I am now approaching two years cancer free, and the doctor continues to be very surprised
that there have been no further developments”


  • Hal Alper- Inventor of Novel Chemistries TezBrio co-founder

    Not even a 30% success rate on cancer treatments. Hal couldn't live with that. He had trouble accepting his wife Lynn's cancer diagnosis in the first place, let alone their limited options.

    He knew there had to be another way.

    This determination drove him to use all his years of scientific training and experience to find another way - this way led to TezBrio.

  • Patrick Laine - PhD Atmospheric Chemistry TezBrio co-founder

    Watching his beloved aunt Tez die of colon cancer 48 years young was Patrick's motivation to pursue a life in scientific research. He was determined to do whatever he could to help people with cancer, like Tez, improve their quality of life.

    This led him to a chance meeting with Hal at a conference in 2012, which set the wheels in motion for TezBrio and changed both of their lives.


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