"I had no hesitation to take the TezBrio formulation"

From 2018 I took this formulation every day and from then I had no tumors, no lesions, no anything! 

It started in June of 2011 when I found blood in my urine. I went to the quick care thinking it might be a kidney issue, but the doctor said I might have bladder cancer. I went to the urologist immediately and arranged for a cystoscope, and sure enough he found a large 5 centimeters tumor.

The tumor is called non-invasive urothelial carcinoma, it was not attached to the muscle wall, so they removed it.  At that time I did not do any chemo, but because it was such a large tumor the doctor said they were gonna have to do the cystoscope every three months. The cancer came back in June of 2013, which led to another surgery. 

In January 2014 I started immunotherapy called mitomycin and six months later we started what's called BCG which is the most standard therapy for bladder cancer. There are very few options for treating bladder cancer. 

My husband Hal, is a world class chemist, and he knew of some research relating to cancer treatment and a phytochemical called d-limonene, which is basically orange peel oil with very high concentrations of anti-inflammatory components. 

I applied the liquid under my tongue daily. It had a very strong taste but it seemed to shrink the size of the tumor overtime. 

The thing about this cancer, and other cancers, is you don't know if you are getting all the bad cells when you're doing the surgery. 

Even if you are picking out a lot of extra tissue, if you leave one bad cell, it's going to grow back and multiply of course. So in 2016 I had a blow-up of cancer again. It came back every three months, a total of seven times for 21 months. I tried three rounds of chemo, each round once a week, for 6 weeks. 

I can't tell you how weak and wiped out I felt from all these treatments. None of them worked, none of them stopped the cancer from returning

By that time my husband was researching another phytochemical, cis Jasmone with Dr. Cesari, a molecular biologist and biochemist who had used it on prostate cancer patients.

Hal and I agreed I'd start on a regimen of what now is the TezBrio formulation. 

From 2018 I took this formulation every day and from then I had no tumors, no lesions, no anything. 

I had no hesitation to take the TezBrio formulation. I knew it was not going to damage my good cells, I knew that from reading through the research, and there have been no side effects at all. Hal, my husband is a world-class inventor of chemistries and he was convinced of it as well, so I thought; well what have I got to lose? 

To me, as long as I have the right information, can gather the best doctors and have the best sources, I mean, if you do the best you can do then that is of comfort for sure.

When I reached the 18 month mark, my Oncologist told me he was shocked I had not developed any more tumors.

My personal experience with TezBrio formulation for cancer is that I was diagnosed with a massive brain tumor on June 15, 2020. 

I had surgery on July 2, 2020 to remove the tumor and subsequent Pathology reports revealed the tumor to be a plasmacytoma, which is a form of blood cancer.

After surgery, the Oncologist explained that it was very likely I either already had another tumor or that another tumor would develop quickly (tumors can be anywhere in the body but usually in large bones). 

Scans did not show any other tumors, so in September and October 2020 I underwent radiation treatments to ensure all cancer cells were eliminated in the area where the tumor was present. I started taking the formulation around the end of 2020.

After the initial diagnosis, the Oncologist said there is a 95% chance I will develop another tumor within the next five years. 

Once a second tumor develops, my cancer has progressed to multiple myeloma which is very aggressive. I have scans every three months, but to date no more tumors have developed.

 When I reached the 18 month mark, my Oncologist told me he was shocked I had not developed any more tumors. I am now approaching two years cancer free and the Doctor continues to be very surprised that there have been no further developments.

For the record, the Oncologist is not aware that I am taking this formulation. I am also not taking any other type of medication or treatments for cancer.