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*RECOMMENDED: apply the set for the most optimal cancer fighting approach. 

Step #1 of Tezbrio is Tez Intensifier, a formulation consisting of d-Limonene.  Step #2 is Brio Power which consists of Methyl Jasmonate.

Step 1 prevents cancer cells from hiding.

Step 2 attacks cancer cells directly.

Together, they create a natural, non-toxic anticancer multi-pronged approach to target cancer cells which works alongside existing traditional cancer treatments.

Further benefits include: 

Inhibits spread of tumor cells

increased tumor cell death 

supports pain relief


DNA damage repair

supports cell health cycle

prevents tumor camouflaging mechanism

induces immune system defense responses





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How to use TEZBRIO?

TEZBRIO comes with two botles of 10ml each.

You can use in two ways. Sublingually or topically

What does TezBrio taste like?

The taste is medicinal and unfamiliar, some say it is very unpleasant. We recommend you have your peppermints or lozenges handy.

What about allergies?

If prone to allergies or intolerance to the main components, jasmine flowers and oranges, we recommend you consult your doctor before use.