By Hal Alper-TezBrio Co-Founder

The story and motivation

As a scientist I just knew there was something more that could be done. As a husband, I knew she deserved something more.

Lynn, my wife, was diagnosed with a malignant 5 centimeter tumor in the bladder and followed the cancer treatment protocol undergoing surgery. However, two years later the tumors returned. Over a lengthy period she followed all the treatments available for combating bladder cancer, inclusive of chemotherapy, but that didn't stop the new growth.

The fact that the tumors recurred, and the available treatment success rate was not more than 30%, as well as a limited tool kit for bladder cancer, I was inspired to look for alternative ways to support her. I was familiar with d-limonene, which ranked as a potent prophylactic and was used as an anti-inflammatory. I found some peer reviewed literature that also indicated its potency to reduce tumors in various cancer models.

At first we administered only one component of what is now the TezBrio formulation.

Lynn began taking a daily dose of d-limonene, however, it was not stopping the new growths. The characteristic of centimeters sized tumors never returned, the size had gone down to millimeters (10X reduction) and these were removed every three months. Not every growth was a malignant tumor, and they were not attached to the muscle walls, which was a good sign, but they would still return. 

The d-limonene indicated I was on the right track, so I became relentless in my pursuit to find more complementary options to support her full recovery.

This is when I began to correspond with a biochemist and molecular biologist, Dr. Cesari, who extensively studied how Methyl jasmonate, a hormone derived from the Jasmine flower, could easily enter and negatively affect dysfunctional mitochondria, usually present in cancer cells.

Literature evidence suggested Methyl Jasmonate could significantly support cell health by eliminating tumor cells while not harming good cells.

The research led to the understanding that even high doses of this plant hormone are non-toxic and work synergistically with traditional chemotherapy treatments for cancer, suggesting that a multipronged approach is preferable.

From the end of 2018 we applied d-limonene and Methyl Jasmonate alongside each other and my wife took her daily dose sublingually.

She testified to immediate pain relief and increase of energy. The reduction of the tumors continued and eventually all traces of the tumors were gone.

I don’t use the word cure because the tumors return upon cessation of the formulation administration.  At one point however, Lynn ceased taking the formulation for a few months and again several tumors returned and surgery was needed again. 

Once again she began an aggressive multi pronged treatment approach, she opted to combine chemotherapy, the TezBrio formulation and another surgery.  These last months have been tough on her, but the cystoscopy was clean from September 2022. 

Overtime, close friends and family requested some of this formulation, having heard and witnessed first hand the outcome with my wife.

By Patrick Laine TezBrio Co-Founder

The Story and Motivation

I was determined to dedicate my life studies to curing cancer because nobody should have to suffer like my aunt suffered.  She eventually died in my childhood room (where she spent the final months of her life).

My aunt Tez would be proud

We can't give her the extra 40+ years colon cancer robbed from her, but we can give the next cancer victim some Brio.

I had a life altering experience early in my pre-med college years. Driving under heavy rain to my first class I hydroplaned off the road and hit a post. It totaled the car but the post actually saved me from crashing into a house. I took the crash as a sign to focus on organic chemistry to pursue drug discovery via the pharmaceutical path.

My research was on skin cancer, which I enjoyed, but those grad school years also taught me that big pharma was more interested in funding a cure rather than finding a cure.

It was disappointing. I left grad school with a Masters degree and went on to change paths entirely to pursue environmental chemistry where I eventually got a PhD in Atmospheric Chemistry.

Over the years my interests in health led me into becoming an avid speaker for healthy living and I coached people into a more wholesome relationship with food. To stumble upon the makings of Tezbrio is no coincidence, I see it as a progressive journey into my original calling.

My aunt Tez would be proud.  We can't give her the extra 40+ years colon cancer robbed from her, but we can give the next cancer victim some Brio.The meaning behind our brand is in honor of aunt Tez and “Brio”meaning vigor, or vivacity, is the power the formulation gives your body to combat this illness.