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What types of cancer has TezBrio shown to be effective?

The formulation has been found to be effective across all types. 

What does TezBrio taste like?

The taste is medicinal and unfamiliar, some say it is very unpleasant. We recommend you have your peppermints or lozenges handy.

What about allergies?

If prone to allergies or intolerance to the main components, jasmine flowers and oranges, we recommend you consult your doctor before use.

Are there side effects?

None. Your body will thank you (aside from your taste buds of course). TezBrio components are in use in the fragrance and food industry and are approved by the Food and Agriculture Organization as well as the World Health Organization.

How do I know how many drops to take?

We recommend 4 drops from each bottle under the tongue each morning. Dosages may vary by individual. A more advanced stage may require higher dosage. Contact us to discuss your exact needs.

What if I take too much?

The formulation is 100% safe and non-toxic. It won't harm to take more, however, we suggest spreading the intake overtime rather than all at once for best results.

Can I mix the liquid from the dropper into my smoothie?

Sure, however, the effectiveness may be diminished because absorption will decrease.  The most effective way to apply TezBrio is under the tongue.  

How quickly does it work?

Patients should notice pain relief within days. The chemistry begins working immediately impacting the cells. The progress varies depending on the individual's overall health conditions and the stage of the cancer.

Can I use insurance to cover the cost?

TezBrio is a phytochemical not categorized as a drug. It is currently not possible to use insurance for this product.

Why has this product not been commercialized in mainstream pharma?

The components have been used for 100 years in the fragrance and flavor industries which represents a patent discourse. Not possessing the composition of matter in a patent limits profitability.

Can the liquid be applied topically?

Yes. If the tumor is located near the skin this would be an effective approach.

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