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I thought I was in a good spot, so then early 2022 I stopped taking the formulation. I really slacked off, and sure enough, my cancer came back in June 2022. I had three or four tumors, they were small, like 3 millimeters and had some carcinoma. I had those removed and had the BCG treatments again. 

 The thing that worried me about the BCG's is that It also has risks, it's low risk, but it's an added fear and it adds to the stress. I had such a bad time with my second round of BCG's, I had blood clots,  and couldn't stop bleeding, and after all of that, I was told it is only effective in 30% of patients. 

*I did the treatment alongside the complete TezBrio formulation. I had another cystoscope in September 2022 and that came out clean. 

 The “Road Map” is being calm and confident through Cancer

 I'm pretty strong, you know, you deal with what you got to. The reason I'm pretty calm about it now is because we've gotta figure out the best way to get through this journey. *If you don't get your head in the right place it can destroy you or eat you alive. 

Sometimes you've gotta be your own advocate when making medical decisions.

*Some doctors have been very supportive, while others can be very negative or have no interest and bunch it up with homeopathy or alternative medicine as something that’s not to be considered.

When going to the oncologist to talk about this formulation I've been taking, most of them say to stop doing it because they know nothing about it and also they don't want you interfering with their treatment. 

However, the formulation tends to be synergistic with almost every other treatment and it supports the multi-pronged approach. 

That was also the conclusion of Dr Cesari who researched and published the use of Jasmonate on tumors. 

*I'll tell you something, you get scared as hell when you have cancer and most people are gonna try anything they can to cure it. 

For me, I was glad to even just feel better, to feel more energy, and TezBrio helped me in so many ways, including to keep that lingering fear away. 

There are some cancers you can treat and they're gone and they're not gonna come back, unfortunately mine's not like that as it continues to come back, so I keep taking the formulation preventatively.

The thing with cancer now is the more ways your treatments attack the tumor cells, the higher your chance of success. By adding this formulation to the mix it increases the multi pronged approach, and as such, the higher the chance of success. 

For those who have had treatments or surgery, which we have given this formulation to, it seems to help them by preventing recurrence. 

Even the most extreme case being a woman with glioblastoma (link to Kimbery story here) she underwent surgery and was told that the cancer would come back, but the doctors don't know where because this is circulating in the blood. 

She got checked every two months for more than two years and she hasn't had a single recurrence, doctors are amazed.

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